Francis Coppola Gia Pinot Noir 2012

Deep garnet red colour, strawberry jam, wild raspberry, rose petal and cherry. Aromatic finish with a hint of coconut.

Food pairing:
Lean & smooth, perfect for pairing with hors d'oeuvres, roasted chicken and linguini with pesto sauce. Serve cooled as a rosé.

About the winery:
Representing five generations of the family Coppola in the film industry, Gia Coppola is not only an accomplished filmmaker, she's also a talented photographer, artist and impromptu (and impressive) mixologist. Shy is a word she uses to describe herself, but her accomplishments are far from shy. In 2012, after sitting on the board of directors for the family's Francis Ford Coppola Presents wine, food and resort business for more than a decade it seems fitting that Gia was inspired to create her own line of wines.


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