Francis Coppola Votre Santé Chateau Red 2012

Traditional  blend of red Rhône varietals. Grapes sourced from Monterey, North Coast and Lodi. Grenache prefers the warmer climate to help develop its bold structure. Mourvèdre also thrives in the warm weather as it ripens very late. It requires clay soils that retain moisture to keep the foot of the vines wet. Syrah grows in a cool climate and is picked at lower alcohol level. The wine was aged in older oak barrels, which helps tame the tannins and create a supple mouthfeel. Chateau Red offers a medium-body and soft, supple palate with smoky notes. Nuances of leather and minerals mingle with sweet juicy flavors of black cherries, currants, and plums. 

Food pairing:
It’s the perfect accompaniment to grilled lamb chops, ratatouille, and aged cheeses.

About the winery:
Francis Ford Coppola, the famous film director is surrounded by a professional team that successfully runs a very modern winery. Since 2011, guests are welcomed to the brand new Rosso & Bianco winery in Alexander Valley in Sonoma. Corey Beck is the cellar master and the grapes are sourced from the most suitable terroirs according to cépage. "Wine, food & adventure" par excellence!


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