The Grape Grinder Pinotage 2013

Grapes from Paardeberg and Kasteelberg. The vineyards are 12 to 15 years old and are mainly located in Knollefontein, Leeuwenkuil and Lanvlei; micro-terroirs of sand and loam soil with well-structured subsoil, which is important for maintaining the water capacity. Limited production of 9 tons/ha. Palate of black fruit, a touch of pepper, chocolate and mocha.

Food pairing:
Roasted meat, cheese platters or game. The winemaker loves it with a gourmet burger, game carpaccio or a traditional South African bobotie.

About the winery:
A young wine company with a dynamic vision of winemaking, which is reflected in the style and labeling. In particular, they make 'coffee pinotage': using certain yeasts and specific vessels, the winemaker creates a coffee aroma in the nose and taste.


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