Two Arrowheads Viognier 2013

71% Viognier and 29% Roussanne. Grapes from Paso Robles, where warm days alternate with cool nights. The climatic conditions are reminiscent of the Rhone region and Viognier and Roussanne thrive very well. Mostly fermented on stainless steel, lighter bodied, with vibrant fruit impression. Beautiful natural fruit acidity.

Food pairing:
Foodfriendly, goes well with light fish dishes, with a.o. shrimps,  langoustines, sushi and sashimi, scallops, turbot. Fits vegetarian dishes.

About the winery:
In the 1800s, American Pioneer Winegrowers was the first company to translate classic American stories into original labels. Francis Ford Coppola preserves this tradition and translates the legend of the settlers' infant Virginia Dare in 4 colourful themed wines. The story goes that a Native American magicien turned Virginia into a white deer, which wandered through the woods of North Carolina. The spell could only be broken when her lover would pierce her heart with a magical pearl arrow ...

Category: Rousanne, Viognier

Type: White Wines


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