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Silver Heights in Ningxia China was founded in 1999, by Gao Lin.

He began planting top Cabernet Sauvignon vines sourced from France. His daughter, Gao Yuan (also known as Emma) obtained a Master Degree in Oenology in Bordeaux, France. She interned at several historic Bordeaux wineries, including the world-famous Château Calon-Ségur. In 2003, she married the chateau's winemaker, Thierry Courtade.

The Helan Mountain Eastern Foothills in the Ningxia wine region are situated between the western part of Helan Mountain and the eastern part of Yellow River, close to Yinchuan capital. The mountains are particularly important to wine cultivation, as they block the freezing winds rolling across the Tengger Desert. The Yellow River is similarly important, as it provides the irrigation necessary to cultivate the grapes in this arid place. The altitude of the wine region ranges from 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level. Silver Heights’ vineyards are planted on Sierozem soil, with a high concentration of gravel.

The New York Times’ journalist Gérard Colin wrote about Emma Gao: “She’s considered the best winemaker, with practically the best wine, in all of China, Emma put Ningxia on the map.”

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