Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms

The customer acknowledges having read, at the time of ordering, the conditions of sale stated on this page and accepts them without reservation.

These general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren and its client, both parties accepting them without reservation. These general trading terms shall prevail over all other conditions contained in any other document, unless with prior written consent.


2. Products

Products are offered for sale while supplies last. For products that are not in stock in our warehouses, our offers are subject to availability from our suppliers. If a product ordered is unavailable, the client is informed within the shortest period of time possible via their customer account, which can be accessed through the website and/or by email.

In accordance with Belgian law, all of our prices include 21% VAT. The currency for all prices displayed is Euro.


3. Quantities

A private individual cannot order more than 110 litres of wines or liquor at any one time. Professionals who benefit from an appropriate status (e.g. "registered trader") granted by Belgian customs are not affected by this limitation.


4. Orders

Customers must identify themselves before making an order. This includes filling in a form according to instructions provided online. The information on the form includes the information necessary to identify the customers, including their full name, phone number, mailing and electronic addresses, and billing and shipping addresses. All information is presented in English.

After customers have chosen the products they want, they validate their order by clicking on the button "Confirm order". This demonstrates commitment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. The order is immediately recorded and an order number provided, as well as confirmation on screen and/or by email. The data recorded by Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren is proof of the nature, content and date of the order. Customers must be 18 years or older and legal confirmation of this fact is required both when ordering online and upon delivery of the goods. If upon delivery the person accepting the goods does not fulfil this requirement Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren has the right to charge for the shipping costs related to the delivery.

No order cancellations will be accepted without the consent of Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren. Note: if you have changed your mind about the order, you may return the product (unopened bottles and boxes) within 14 days of the delivery date. We will refund the value of the product(s) within 14 days given that we received the returned item in the required condition. Shipping costs incurred by return of the item(s) will be the customer’s responsibility. Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren reserves the right to refuse or not reimburse returned items when the product packaging has been opened, the bottle uncapped or when goods have been damaged by the customer.


5. Payment

The payment methods accepted are listed below (selected during the checkout process):

  • Credit card

  • Online banking (if your bank is listed)

  • Bank Transfer (please add the order id) BE12 4464 6352 9192

  • Cash payment at our store located at Kortrijksesteenweg 147-149, 8930 Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

No orders will be shipped prior to receiving payment. All payments and transactions are secured and guaranteed by our partner MultiSafepay. For any questions related to payment methods, please contact us at shop@rouseu.be.


6. Delivery Method

Delivery is made to the address specified by the customer at the time the order was placed. It can only be made once the customer validates the order and the payment is made in full. Any payment centres involved must give their prior agreement to pay. If there is a refusal to pay, the order will be cancelled.

In addition, Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren reserves the right to refuse orders from customers involved in an on-going dispute.

Delivery costs are based on package weight. These can be viewed at any time on the Terms & Delivery section of our website. Deliveries in Germany are handled by our logistics partners Trans-o-flex and Hermes Deutschland. 

Deliveries outside Europe are subject to specific taxes on alcoholic products (Excises), therefore delivery addresses must be in Belgium or in Europe but not in Corsica, Andorra, Monaco or the French Overseas Departments and Territories.

The customer agrees to provide an address to which the delivery may be made during working hours.


7. Delivery time

After preparation by the logistics department, the selected carrier delivers the order within 96 hours. These times are valid for working days, excluding routing problems, and they are also subject to product availability.

Under no circumstances can delivery delays due to shortage of products lead to a refund and/or compensatory damages. If there is a shortage, the replenishment time is about 1 to 2 weeks. Delivery times start when the carrier gets the parcel.

In the case of force majeure or exceptional events (natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, lockouts, etc) that delay or prevent the delivery of goods, Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren is relieved of any responsibility.

Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren is in no way liable for failure to meet delivery deadlines by the carrier itself. Therefore, no compensation or refund will be granted by Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren in case of delay due solely to the failure of the carrier.

Any order cancellation, regardless of the reason, and accepted by the company Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren, will give the right to a refund of the sums paid only. No compensation can be requested with regards to the cancellation.


8. Pricing

Prices are quoted in euros and include all taxes, packing fees, deposits, and alcohol-specific taxes (Excise). The price on the product description does not include transportation costs, which are calculated according to the weight of the order. See “delivery” section for shipping costs per country.

The price listed in the order confirmation is the final price, including VAT. This price includes the price of products, handling, packaging, storage of goods and transport costs.

Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice. Products will be charged based on the rates in force at the time of validation by the payment of each order.

Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren cannot be held responsible for any computer crash mistakenly changing the price of one or more items and/or of the order. Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren reserves the right to cancel an order if the total price is not in line with prices normally fixed for the products and/or delivery charges.


9. Claims and returns

By signing the delivery receipt, the customer accepts the goods as is. Therefore, no claim for damages suffered during transport will be accepted. The recipient always bears the risk of the transport of the goods. Always check your package upon arrival. You have 48 hours from receipt of goods to file a claim with Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren in case of loss or damages.

In case of breakage, the customer is required to send pictures by email or post within 48 hours of receipt of the merchandise to shop@rouseu.be

In case of a missing product, the customer must send Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren the affidavit available on our website. The customer must check the condition of parcels upon delivery, and, in case of damage or loss, specify their reservations on the delivery order.

Every return of goods requires the prior consent of Rouseu Wijnen & Likeuren. Without this consent, all returned merchandise will be held at the customer's expense and risk. All shipping, storage and handling is the responsibility of the customer. In all cases, the return of goods is at the expense and risk of the customer. All repayments are handled within a maximum of 14 days.