Francois van Niekerk

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Francois van Niekerk is a creative winemaker in Wellington and launched his own wine, the Francois van Niekerk Pinotage, in 2019.

He proudly explains: “My winemaking ethos is based on three pillars: creativity, science and passion. I’m a firm believer that my forestry background helped me tremendously with my winemaking skills, as both fields focus on the relationship between plant, soil and the sun. Nature has always been at the centre of my life’s decisions, and is the ultimate guide when it comes to viticulture - knowing which cultivars suit which slopes, soil and altitudes best”. Beyers Truter, éminence grise and ‘King of Pinotage’ is his mentor. In 2021, Francois van Niekerk won a place in the prestigious Top Ten Pinotage with his 2019 cuvée.

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Francois van Niekerk Pinotage 2020