Organic and biodynamic wines

Wines produced with respect for nature and consumers

Biological/organic wines

When producing biological / organic wines, no chemicals are used in the vineyard, the vines are treated with biologic products. Also, the function of grass and weeds are reviewed: they are a healthy 'competition' for the vine, the roots being forced to look for food deeper into the ground. Water management is also a priority and the aim is to reduce the ecological footprint to a maximum. To fight harmful insects, other types of insects are used that are harmless to the vine and grapes.

Biodynamic wines

Biodynamic methods of cultivating grapevines start from the idea that nature and cosmos are closely related and that man must respect this precarious balance. The astrological calendar defines the most favorable periods of planting, pruning, soil cultivation and protection from diseases and insects. Manures and composts are used to improve the photosynthesis and to protect the plant against insects and disease. In the cellar, the fermentation is not manipulated and sulfite is added only marginally.

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