Amarula Cream Raspberry Chocolate Baobab

Fresh, smooth and well-rounded. A full-bodied creamy chocolate flavour with notes of raspberry and citrus-infused baobab extract providing complex citrus notes for a ripe, fresh profile with hints of melon and banana. Carefully crafted to preserve the rich and distinctive cream liqueur taste of Amarula.

Food pairing:
Enjoy Amarula, pure or with ice, on an ice cream, with coffee or in a delicious cocktail.

About the winery:
Amarula Cream, made of ripe marula fruit from the subtropical Africa.The appeal of the marula fruit is only part of the story. A favourite amongst elephants, it is also revered as the food of kings amongst many sub-Saharan peoples. Many communities make a marula brew to present as an offering to the spirits of the ancestors or to honour their leaders.

Category: Amarula, €12 to €18

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