Neil Ellis Wines Wild Flower Cinsaut Rosé 2022 - Darling

Dry Provence-style rosé made from 100% Cinsaut. Bright, with a salmon hue colour and low alcohol, but substantial in taste and texture. The mesmerising soft peachy-pink tint grabs the interest upon first glace, and then a bright bush of juicy cherry fruit fills out the palate. Floral and spicy notes linger the background along with the slightest tang of sea salt. 

Food pairing:
Enjoy this exuberant rosé simply on its own, well chilled, or with an endless variety of culinary complements.

About the winery:
Neil Ellis is rightly called the mentor of South African wines. Together with his son Warren he is responsible for an impressive portfolio of wines synonymous to quality, elegance and value for money. Their Cabernet Sauvignons and Sauvignon Blancs rank among the top of the world!

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