L'Ormarins Apple Eau de Vie

Apple wine distilled to eau de vie, using the only Armagnac potstill found in the Southern Hemisphere. Matured further for 4 years on old French 225 liter oak chardonnay barrels. Rich caramel-gold colour. Mellow whiffs of baked apple with tarte
tatin spice highlights and just a delicate hint of flowers and macadamia nuts which entice
on the nose. The palate is suitably spirituous with apple strudel-, marzipan-, caramel- and
baked biscuit-flavours. Pleasant balance and gentle rich praline notes which linger for ages.

About the distillery:
The distillery is located at L'Ormarins, which dates back to 1694 when Huguenot Jean Roi planted 4000 vines beneath the jagged peaks of the Groot Drakenstein Mountains. Current owner is international businessman and wine connoisseur Anthonij Rupert. The flagship portfolio carries his own name. 

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