Three Ships Whisky 5 Y Grand Gold Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Spirits Selection 2016

This whisky whiskey is made of ground barley and is double-distilled in a copper potstill. Smells of fine peat, tobacco leaves, almonds, cinnamon, tangarines and honeycomb. Flavors of herbs, orange peel, tropical fruit and vanilla.

Food pairing:
A full bodied but finely polished peated whiskey. A minimum of 5 years of wood maturation has a magical flavour effect with only 3 to 5% angeltears.

About the distillery:
This whiskey is distilled in James Sedgwich Distillery Wellington, South Africa. The distillery was founded by Captain J. Sedgwich in 1886. Master Distiller Andy Watts makes different brandies based on grain or barley.

Category: €25 to €40

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